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"The mixed media artworks of Elizabeth Dryden are steeped in symbolism and metaphor. Not only are her painted, contemporary collages full of found papers and low relief objects, they tease the viewer's sense of curiosity and playfulness. Her cast of characters, dominated by animals, long to tell the stories of her reality." 
- Advisory Board for Art Menu, 2012 

ROMA Art Event, Dallas, TX

November 2012









Mary Tomas Gallery, Dragon Street Dallas, TX
"Birds of a Feather Collection"
October 2011


Studio 107 Gallery Solo Show
Salem, MA

Regal Horses, Portly Penguins and Vintage Wine Bottles

A Unique Collection from Artist Elizabeth Dryden Comes to Salem, Massachusetts

By Maia Merrill Gosselin

Elegant, stately, playful and whimsical – these are but a few of the adjectives that describe the works of acclaimed artist Elizabeth Dryden, currently on display at Studio 107 Creative Design and Art Gallery. Located in historic Salem, Massachusetts, the gallery recently hosted its inaugural art show featuring a collection from Elizabeth, an up-and-coming artist from Lexington, Kentucky.

The well-attended opening served as a forum both for guests to admire the art in the sleek new gallery and to meet the artist herself. Elizabeth flew in from Kentucky to speak with guests – answering questions about her art, her inspirations and techniques. The current collection at Studio 107 includes a variety of Elizabeth’s personality-filled animal portraits, still-lifes and several pieces from her horse collection. Elizabeth, who cites Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt and horse sculptor Deborah Butterfield among her influences, has a distinctive contemporary style combined with elements of classic abstract expressionism. Her works often feature rich, majestic hues of burgundies, iridescent golds and deep blues. She frequently uses loose lines in her art which create a light mood to the paintings. Indeed, aside from the more staid horse paintings, many of Elizabeth’s pieces, such as “Preponderant Penguins” and “Rupert” (a rotund cat), have a decidedly humorous edge to them.

Although she has an expansive portfolio, ranging from flowers and Parisian-esque wine bottles to Mallard ducks and dogs, Elizabeth has begun to focus exclusively on horses. Living in Kentucky where horse racing reigns supreme, she feels drawn to the noble beauty of these animals and is fascinated by the sheer omnipotence of the horse racing world. Elizabeth’s horse collection is particularly noteworthy for the elegant, quiet dignity of the animals captured on the canvas, even when they’re in the midst of an exciting race. In many of her horse paintings Elizabeth has taken bits of actual racing programs and incorporated them into the canvas. She feels that this conveys both the grace and strength of these magnificent creatures while simultaneously portraying the more intense and moneyed side of the racing industry.

Studio 107 owner and graphic designer Christine A. McClearn commented, "Elizabeth's art is a nice contrast to the historical neighborhood in which my gallery is located. It's contemporary and the bright colors she employs add a liveliness to the gallery. I tend to prefer paintings which are done in acrylics and I like her use of mixed media. The opening was a success; the guests were highly impressed with her works and quite taken with her horse paintings as well as the pet portraits, particularly 'Little Bit'. Everyone enjoyed themselves from the art to the cocktails and hors d'oeuvres."

Elizabeth may be an up-and-coming artist but judging by the response to her gallery show, it won’t be long before she has arrived.

Elizabeth Dryden

Studio 107 Salem, MA