Horse Mania 2010 is a public art project which raises money for the city of Lexington, KY. Elizabeth's design idea Le Couer de Cheval (The Heart of the Horse) was juried and accepted in a two-step process to paint and embellish a life-sized fiberglass horse for outdoor display in downtown Lexington. Elizabeth first spray painted her horse silver and then began gluing thousands of tiny metal objects in place. She then cut out a square in the center, sealed it off, and hung a bright red metal horse heart cutout from inside of the square. The hardest part she said was finding enough metal objects to cover the entire horse. Elizabeth credits her family, mainly her Grandmother, Betty Ross (aka Nana) who is  located in Lubbock, Texas for sending her boxes of metal objects on a weekly basis.  Among these items include horseshoes, wrenches, screws, lids from cans, jewelry, and even her late grandfather's watch down the center of the nose making it a very personal piece.

Le Coeur de Cheval explores the powerful mechanics of the horse’s physical body compared with its gentle heart. This unique animal, with its powerful body and machine-like characteristics, also has a free and gentle spirit. The piece represents the contrasting personalities of the horse viewed as a machine soley for work purposes verses a free and wild living animal with heart.
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Le Couer de ChevalOther side of Le Couer de ChevalMetal heart Elizabeth Dryden with Le Couer de ChevalAs seen from the streetHorse Mania 2010